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We believe healthcare should always put the patient first.


Executive MD will help get your health organized, starting with the compilation of your family’s medical records.

To get started, we will:

  • Listen and learn about your health issues.
  • Identify concerns based on your family history.
  • Become a dependable health resource for you.

With Executive MD, you are always supported, regardless of location or time of day. Because we have collected all of your important medical records, we can rapidly transmit your records around the globe, allowing you to travel without concerns. You will be prepared and protected, anytime and anywhere.

Executive MD navigates the complex healthcare system for you and brings you effortless access to the best the that healthcare system has to offer.


Click on each of the forms below to download them. Then print and fill out each form, and bring them to your first appointment.

New Patient Registration Form

Medical Release Form

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Insurance Utilization Information

Dr. John Mamana has been my Internist for over 20 years and his personalized care is what has kept me coming back. Day or night, Dr. Mamana is always available to help. His unique model of proactive medicine and unparalleled access for busy executives like me is invaluable. I am a customer for life.

Michael Shehadi,
Oxford Equity Partners

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